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Some of you may remember us, and to some of you we are a new foray into nostalgia drag racing videos. Either way, here is a little about us. First of all welcome to Gold Dust Classics, the keepers of THE nostalgia drag racing video vault. We’ve brought the company into the age of technology, and appreciate you all taking a minute to peruse the website, and to help fuel interest in the passion that we all share, nostalgia drag racing. A little background on Gold Dust Classics: The concept was the collective brainstorm of my Dad, the late Skip Norman, and his dear friend, the late Woody Hatten. As some of you are probably aware, Woody was a pinnacle of knowledge when it came to nostalgia drag racing, as was Skip. As Dad always said it, “Woody had the knowledge, I had the time and energy, and we worked hand in hand to make our dream, Gold Dust Classics, come true.” Woody passed away in 1990, and it was around that same time that Dad gave me an afterschool job at his shop, and my relationship with Gold Dust Classics and vintage drag racing began. In hindsight, Ol’Skipper used Gold Dust Classics as a tool to show me his version of how the world worked, for which I’ll be forever grateful. It’s amazing what you learn if you never make it back from the track in time for Monday morning’s classes. Dad passed away in 2008. This entire project is dedicated to Harlow Roland “Skip” Norman Jr. and Woodruff Hoover “Woody” Hatten, may they rest in peace, knowing the footprint they left on the world is still fully visible to all those that look.

Fast forward to today, well, about a year ago. We were at a Good Guys car show in Del Mar, Ca, where we currently live, and it hit me. It hit me that the Gold Dust Classics footage is too important to the sport to sit in Jim Attaway’s VideoWorks vault and not be reintroduced to an entirely new generation of nostalgia drag racing fans. Jim and I, with the expert assistance of Ron Cobb, a living drag racing encyclopedia and age old friend of the family, have worked tirelessly ever since to make these videos available to you, old nostalgia drag racing fans and new, in unaltered, full-color DVD format. That day I certainly did see, over at that car show, a new generation of vintage drag racing enthusiasts. It was then that I decided to reignite the concept that was Gold Dust Classics, doing our part to preserve the history of our beloved sport and the legendary characters that came before us, the pioneers of drag racing. Without any further circumlocution, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the new Gold Dust Classics. We’ve streamlined our approach and slimmed down our product lines. No matter what form of nostalgia drag racing you’re into whether its the flip top funny cars seen in “Match Race Madness” or the shear adrenaline of “Flames of Fear”, the Gold Dust Classics video vault has got something for all of us. Again, thanks for taking a minute, drop us a line here or visit our products page here for all of our classics titles. Keep the wheels on tight and we’ll see you at the races.

Sincerely, Kelly Norman

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