Birth Of Drag Racing Volume III



The Birth Of Drag Racing Volume III

The Birth Of Drag Racing Volume III; here come the Factory A/FX wars!! The thunder of 1964-1965, with exclusively rare footage of the 1965 Super Stock Nationals, which came to be known as “The Woodstock of Drag Racing”. Here you’ll find Dandy Dick Landy, Clean Ronnie Sox, Butch Leal, Dyno Don Nicholson, and just about anybody who was anybody in drag racing in 1965.

The Birth Of Drag Racing Series chronicles nostalgia drag races, nostalgia drag race cars, and anything about vintage muscle cars you ever wanted to see. In these days of what we refer to now as the vintage funny car, vintage pro stocks and nostalgia super stocks, drag racing was in its infantile stages. The Birth Of Drag Racing series puts you, sequentially, at the start of it all. This series of Vintage Drag Racing Videos takes you back to the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” factory approach to drag racing. All those vintage muscle cars we love today started their popularity on the relentless quarter mile. This set of nostalgia drag racing videos will take you on a trip down memory lane, assuming memory lane is 1320’. Some of the cars you see at the Good Guys car shows, you’ll see in this series, dressed up as full factory sponsored drag race cars, doing what they were meant to do…drag race. And away they go…don’t miss out on The Birth Of Drag Racing Vol. 1, Vol. 2 or Vol. 4.

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