Nostalgia Drag Racing

Nostalgia Drag Racing is a term that carries a lot of history and even more pioneers that made the sport what it is today. From the early dry lake beds in the 30’s to the first commercial drag strip opened in 1950 in Santa Ana, California. The word nostalgia is used to describe a sentiment or good feeling for the past. The very essence of the term can evoke feelings of a different era when things where a little simpler. Of course over the years the sport has evolved and gotten much safer, but safety wasn’t always a main concern in the beginning. Speed and self promotion was all the early pioneers where concerned with (as well as sticking to the track). If it wasn’t for the early pioneers and the risk they took, the term Nostalgia Drag Racing wouldn’t even exist today.

The term Nostalgia Drag Racing started in the mid 80’s, when the sport saw the emergence of Nostalgia-era dragsters, funny cars and Super Stockers being brought back to the tracks. Nostalgia events are still run from coast to coast by various organizations and tracks along with the NHRA and IHRA. You’ll find a mixture original restored cars as well as recreations of older cars. The popularity of Nostalgia Drag Racing has been gaining throttle ever since the late 80’s and early 90’s and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. This is our culture, this is our heritage and it is up to our future generations to preserve it!

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Kelly Norman